Sooshi App

For only $1.99, the Sooshi App was created by Moritz von Volkmann. The app was made for the Sushi lovers. Many of us preferred to eat sushi instead of anything else. I will keep this app on my phone for ever.
The Sooshi app, launches in five different parts. Each part will have 3D effects. You will be able to move through the parts of the app and in case you want to find out more about, there is a button in the bottom right. Those 5 parts of the app are: Sushi, Utensils, Fish, Ingredients and Restaurants. So you will find out how to cook or where you can find a sushi restaurant. All you have to do is tapping the section you are interested of.

In order to find the restaurant near your location, first you will have to give the permission for your location, otherwise the app will give you the location of the restaurants from Tokyo.
Until now, the Sooshi app gave a good impression both about information and the way it looks. Hopefully that in the future the app will give some more information about recipies and some videos of how to cook sushi step by step.
And this app is available in the app store for only &1.99. So if you love sushi, don’t waste your time and buy the Sooshi App now.

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