An objective comparison between Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Surface 2

It has been a road with many problems for Microsoft’s Surface 2, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the tablet in top 10 alternatives. The main issue here is whether Surface 2 is better than iPad Air, or at least, a good and viable alternative. In the following we are going to present you the specifications for both tablets, so you can draw an objective conclusion.
So, let’s start with desktop apps. Even though the Microsoft brand is very powerful amongst people, that doesn’t mean that the Surface 2 lifts up to the name. Unfortunately, you can’t use Windows at full capacity on this tablet and in this situation, we ask our self: why did the company presented the tablet as a productivity based one, if the usage of the interface is so limited?

The ‚sad’ part is that  on the tablet, Windows 8 runs limited so, you can only see and use the start screen, but there is no possibility in using Windows desktop apps, which in our opinion is a waste of resources. At what good is that you have a desktop, but you can’t go beyond it and use it for something.
The idea is, that in the case of Microsoft the only two Surfaces which allows you to use Windows at full capacity are the Pro and Pro2. On the tablet that we are analyzing now, as we already said, there is no way you can do that. Furthermore, the tablet is using software from Windows store, and if we compare it with iOS in terms of efficiency, there is no doubt that Apple’s iPad wins.
If we are to compare the size and weight, the iPad Air wins again. It is smaller than Surface 2, and even lighter. Even thought is smaller, the size of the screen is pretty much the same. Interesting, right? The fun thing is that the heaviest version of iPad is still lighter than Surface 2. Surface 2 weights 676g, while iPad Air’s heaviest version has 478g.
The kickstand is probably the motif that lies behind the fact that Surface 2 is heavier than iPad Air and we can say that at this category Microsoft’s tablet has a plus. Surface 2 continues the tradition of his big brothers and provides a kickstand (it’s incorporated) that allows you to put the tablet in different angles. iPad Air doesn’t come equipped with something like that, but in stores you can find numerous covers that can do the exact same thing.
While Surface 2 respects the tradition, and it’s made of ’VaporMg’, the iPad air is made of a better material, aluminum. In which concerns the keyboards, Microsoft has one that is produced by them, and is compatible with the tablet. Moreover, it has a mouse which you can use as you want. The problem with the iPad is that the company doesn’t produce keyboards covers, Logitech and Belkin handle this area, and the keyboard can’t support a mouse-basically with iPad you can’t use a mouse.

If we are talking about colors, display, processor, iPad Air wins at all categories. You can purchases Surface 2 in only one combination of colors, black and silver, while the iPad is available in two different models: black and gray/ sliver and white.  Even though the screen of Surface 2 is bigger than the one that iPad Air has, is not as performing as you may think. The resolution in the case of iPad is way better than the one that Surface 2 is capable to provide to its users.  With Surface 2 you can obtain only 66 percent resolution, while iPad gives you 100 percent. Cool, right? Furthermore while you are using the iPad you can use it in landscape mode or in porter mode, either way it works. In the case of Surface 2 the portrait mode is slightly awkward. Even though the specs for the performance of the processor are a little better in the case of Surface 2, the reality, when you start to use them, is that iPad Air is a better tablet than Surface.
Now it’s time for the Surface 2 to shine. In areas such as storage, ports, RAM and cameras, Surface 2 is better. If we are talking about storage, Surface 2 has either 32G or 64G and it allows you to insert a micro SD card, something that you can never do with an iPad. The main idea here is, that the cheapest iPad has half of the storage that a Surface 2 tablet can provide. Surface 2 has a USB 3.0 port, something that you can’t find at an iPad. If you purchases an iPad you have the possibility to buy an adaptor, but still, it isn’t the same thing. Surface 2 comes with a 2 GB RAM and a 3.5 MP camera in the front, while the iPad has a 1 GB RAM and a 1.2 MP camera in the front.
In the areas such as battery and wireless both tablets present the same specs: up to ten hours and have Wi-Fi plus cellular. Both have included bundled office software, iWork for iPad and Office 2013 RT for Surface 2.
The starting prices are close, 500$ for iPad and 450 for Surface 2. A difference of 50$, but you have to keep in mind that the storage for iPad is half than the one of the Surface 2, at almost the same price. The issue with Surface 2 is that you have to buy the type covers and Microsoft’s Touch separate, and it will cost you another 120-130$.
We are not trying to influence you with our point of view, but iPad Air is a better choice in our opinion, not only because has a better processor, but for the fact that the display is superior and the apps that you can find are better. Apple has experience with apps, while Windows is new in this area. In terms of productivity Microsoft has a little advantage in comparison to Apple, but that doesn’t mean that is superior. The problem is, that if you rely on Office to do your work, than probably, iPad Air is not for you.