Learn to repair the “Not working” error and to include Cydia.hackulo.us on your iOS 9

It is not easy for an iPhone user to benefit of the advantages offered to other smartphone OS users when it comes to free applications. But there is a solution for everything: Hackulous.us offers iOS users the main source for adding Cydia applications for the iPhone.  Prior to searching for free apps on this page, you should install the app Installous; this helps you to be able to add cracked applications to your iDevice and use them without having to buy anything from the App Store.
Your device should be Cydia enabled in order to be able to add Hackulous to it. Here are the things you have to do in order to install this app to either one of your iDevices (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch)
Make sure the device is jailbroken. Here is a tutorial on how to “Jailbreak your iOS 9”.
Begin by opening Cydia.
Look at the lowest part of the screen for the tab called “Manage” and click on it.
To enlist the up-to-date repositories, click  on “Sources”.
Now you should select “Edit”
In order to write the URL for Cydia (http://cydia.hackulo.us ), you have to click on the “Add” tab.
The Repo database will be soon updated by Cydia.
Final step: open Cydia and look through  the entire repository of Hackulous.
Ways to repair Cydia.Hackulo.us Source and to fix the “Hostname not found” message:
The lack of interaction between its users is the main reason why Installous was closed up. In order to avoid any error while using Cydia, you should delete the entire repo and find alternatives for the Installous application. We suggest one of the best of its kind to be: Zeusmos and HipStore, but you have to use them with caution since it can only be used if you purchase it from the App Store (if you use a non-jailbreak device).
Another error that you can fix is “Failed to Fetch Cydia”. Here’s how to do it:
Begin by opening Cydia.
Go to: “Manage”, then to “Sources” and click on “Edit”.
Search for a red circle close to it, click on it. This way, the “Cydia.hackulo.us” will be deleted.
Open: “Changes” and hit the “Refresh” button.
The rest of the applications that were not modified should be updated now.
The process is quite easy when it comes to download hipstore. But it depends on your needs when it comes to Zeusmos and Hip Store.
We tried to give you a guideline on how to add Hackulo to your iDevice and these steps are hassle-free. But if you encounter an error or if there are any pending questions in your mind, we would gladly reply to any of them. Just post your comments below.

iOS 9 Themes with CCControls Cydia Tweak

CCControls is among the most effective Cydia programs in regards to control center customization for iOS 9 and maybe iOS 9.0.1. This jailbreak tweak was introduced to the Cydia App Store for over a year also it’s surely an program that gives Cydia users a whole new solution to deal with their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. With CCControls installed, an iPhone user is permitted to include a couple more toggles to the Control Center. Besides, it is also possible to alter the icon or location of the toggles.

To put it differently, CCControls lets you alter subjects for toggles accessible the iOS 9. So, the type of customization you may do with CCControls? For those that dont enjoy the conventional annular toggles, it is possible to alter it to square sort using the FlipSwitch framework.
It is also possible to choose any colour you would like for the toggles. Be it solid colours or coloured outline, the decision is in your hand. Look at the picture here and you’ll understand why CCControls receive lots of positive feedback from Cydia users. So that you can use CCControls on iOS 8.4.1, iOS 9, and iOS 9.1, this is essential to jailbreak your iOS apparatus.

1. Faucet to the Cydia icon on your own homescreen and access to Handle -> Sources -> Edit -> Add. As usual, you’ll view a pop up Enter Cydia/APT URL message box. That is the location where you need to add source for the program you would like to install.
2. Input http://apt.modmyi.com/ and spigot on Add Source to continue.
3. Faucet on Add Anyhow and after that Return to Cydia. Now visit ModMyi repo and hunt for CCControls. Pat to the most up-to-date version and install it for your iOS apparatus. CCControls Options: FlipControlCenter (This program could be download through Ryan Petrich repo)
 In the event the aforementioned installment procedure isn’t functioning for you personally, you can download CCControls DEB file and use an SSH software to transfer it to your jailbroken iOS apparatus. Test in case your iOS apparatus is jailbroken or not. Auxo 2 is among the most needed Cydia programs for iOS 9. Auxo 2 lets you customize the way your iPhone operates by offering an extensive range of collections in the program Settings. In conclusion, CCContorls is an actual control center you actually need it. It’s free to download from Cydia. Please don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with all the opinion attributes below in the event you are using CCControls.

More @ http://cydia.saurik.com/package/com.danyl.cccontrols/