How YouTube listen music in the background on iPhone, iPad and Android

For a while YouTube has decided that YouTube app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android should not play music, or rather videos in the background on any of the terminals is installed, the movement is one designed to substantially reduce hearing music network load.

Moreover, YouTube sells subscriptions that allow listening to videos, default music in the background on mobile devices, so users remain without the opportunity to enjoy this on iPhone, iPad or Android, or so it seems things at first glance.

Although YouTube app for iPhone, iPad or Android refusing to play videos in the background and we are obliged to keep open permanently, the website YouTube accessible in Safari has no such restrictions since the browser from Apple allows the playback of multimedia content in the background.

How YouTube listen music in the background on iPhone or iPad

Very simple:

  • Open your Safari browser.
  • Go to
  • Looking desired video clip and start it.
  • Press the button
  • Home to close Safari.
  • Control Center access with a swipe from the bottom up, press the Play button and voila, running sound.
  • In iOS 10 will be needed a swipe from right to left as menu for controlling music has been moved.

As you listen to music in the background in Android YouTube

Somewhat as simple:

  • Firefox download from Google Play by following this link.
  • Go to
  • Looking favorite video and start it.
  • Press the Home button to close Firefox and music will run next.

Although it seems something different, we are talking about exactly the same as when using the YouTube app, the interface is similar, and if you log into the website YouTube benefit from exactly the same things, less restriction on listening in the background videos with music what you would pleasers.


Google Maps update was released, here’s what’s new

Google Maps GPS navigation application is launched by Google in App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as it is updated during the night passed by the Mountain View.


The new version of Google Maps brings the ability to add multiple destinations for journeys made by new function being offered in Android for some time, but it solves some problems while operating and reported by users.

  • Add multiple destinations to your route, get directions, and navigate
  • Bug fixes

Google Maps application is available for free download in the App Store universal format.

Learn to repair the “Not working” error and to include on your iOS 9

It is not easy for an iPhone user to benefit of the advantages offered to other smartphone OS users when it comes to free applications. But there is a solution for everything: offers iOS users the main source for adding Cydia applications for the iPhone.  Prior to searching for free apps on this page, you should install the app Installous; this helps you to be able to add cracked applications to your iDevice and use them without having to buy anything from the App Store.
Your device should be Cydia enabled in order to be able to add Hackulous to it. Here are the things you have to do in order to install this app to either one of your iDevices (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch)
Make sure the device is jailbroken. Here is a tutorial on how to “Jailbreak your iOS 9”.
Begin by opening Cydia.
Look at the lowest part of the screen for the tab called “Manage” and click on it.
To enlist the up-to-date repositories, click  on “Sources”.
Now you should select “Edit”
In order to write the URL for Cydia ( ), you have to click on the “Add” tab.
The Repo database will be soon updated by Cydia.
Final step: open Cydia and look through  the entire repository of Hackulous.
Ways to repair Source and to fix the “Hostname not found” message:
The lack of interaction between its users is the main reason why Installous was closed up. In order to avoid any error while using Cydia, you should delete the entire repo and find alternatives for the Installous application. We suggest one of the best of its kind to be: Zeusmos and HipStore, but you have to use them with caution since it can only be used if you purchase it from the App Store (if you use a non-jailbreak device).
Another error that you can fix is “Failed to Fetch Cydia”. Here’s how to do it:
Begin by opening Cydia.
Go to: “Manage”, then to “Sources” and click on “Edit”.
Search for a red circle close to it, click on it. This way, the “” will be deleted.
Open: “Changes” and hit the “Refresh” button.
The rest of the applications that were not modified should be updated now.
The process is quite easy when it comes to download hipstore. But it depends on your needs when it comes to Zeusmos and Hip Store.
We tried to give you a guideline on how to add Hackulo to your iDevice and these steps are hassle-free. But if you encounter an error or if there are any pending questions in your mind, we would gladly reply to any of them. Just post your comments below.

Sooshi App

For only $1.99, the Sooshi App was created by Moritz von Volkmann. The app was made for the Sushi lovers. Many of us preferred to eat sushi instead of anything else. I will keep this app on my phone for ever.
The Sooshi app, launches in five different parts. Each part will have 3D effects. You will be able to move through the parts of the app and in case you want to find out more about, there is a button in the bottom right. Those 5 parts of the app are: Sushi, Utensils, Fish, Ingredients and Restaurants. So you will find out how to cook or where you can find a sushi restaurant. All you have to do is tapping the section you are interested of.

In order to find the restaurant near your location, first you will have to give the permission for your location, otherwise the app will give you the location of the restaurants from Tokyo.
Until now, the Sooshi app gave a good impression both about information and the way it looks. Hopefully that in the future the app will give some more information about recipies and some videos of how to cook sushi step by step.
And this app is available in the app store for only &1.99. So if you love sushi, don’t waste your time and buy the Sooshi App now.