Learn to repair the “Not working” error and to include Cydia.hackulo.us on your iOS 9

It is not easy for an iPhone user to benefit of the advantages offered to other smartphone OS users when it comes to free applications. But there is a solution for everything: Hackulous.us offers iOS users the main source for adding Cydia applications for the iPhone.  Prior to searching for free apps on this page, you should install the app Installous; this helps you to be able to add cracked applications to your iDevice and use them without having to buy anything from the App Store.
Your device should be Cydia enabled in order to be able to add Hackulous to it. Here are the things you have to do in order to install this app to either one of your iDevices (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch)
Make sure the device is jailbroken. Here is a tutorial on how to “Jailbreak your iOS 9”.
Begin by opening Cydia.
Look at the lowest part of the screen for the tab called “Manage” and click on it.
To enlist the up-to-date repositories, click  on “Sources”.
Now you should select “Edit”
In order to write the URL for Cydia (http://cydia.hackulo.us ), you have to click on the “Add” tab.
The Repo database will be soon updated by Cydia.
Final step: open Cydia and look through  the entire repository of Hackulous.
Ways to repair Cydia.Hackulo.us Source and to fix the “Hostname not found” message:
The lack of interaction between its users is the main reason why Installous was closed up. In order to avoid any error while using Cydia, you should delete the entire repo and find alternatives for the Installous application. We suggest one of the best of its kind to be: Zeusmos and HipStore, but you have to use them with caution since it can only be used if you purchase it from the App Store (if you use a non-jailbreak device).
Another error that you can fix is “Failed to Fetch Cydia”. Here’s how to do it:
Begin by opening Cydia.
Go to: “Manage”, then to “Sources” and click on “Edit”.
Search for a red circle close to it, click on it. This way, the “Cydia.hackulo.us” will be deleted.
Open: “Changes” and hit the “Refresh” button.
The rest of the applications that were not modified should be updated now.
The process is quite easy when it comes to download hipstore. But it depends on your needs when it comes to Zeusmos and Hip Store.
We tried to give you a guideline on how to add Hackulo to your iDevice and these steps are hassle-free. But if you encounter an error or if there are any pending questions in your mind, we would gladly reply to any of them. Just post your comments below.

Cydia – Read All About IT

If you’re a brand new iPad iPhone or iPod Touch user, you surely ran into a fresh group of conditions and procedures which you are not familiar with, & most undoubtedly don’t have any clue what they mean. Things like Jailbreaking, Cydia Unlocking, are not old for your, by composing this post which will attempt to clarify and show you throughout the items you must understand, and we have made a decision to get it more easy for every one of us.

What’s Cydia?

Well I will answer that for you personally. Cydia is a program which makes your average everyday apple idevice look like whatever you would like it to be, your common stock can be taken by cydia iPhone, iPod or iPad and allow it to be appear to be a windows phone as well as an android telephone. Cydia has lots of information from simple tweaks like boot logos and display sliders to complicated information like tweaks tweaks for siri for springboard,, call recorders. The stuf that is trendy is that cydia is free for most and download programs, sources and tweaks are downloadable for free also. To download and install cydia you must jailbreak iPad your iPhone or iPod touch. You can’t only install and download cydia. Cydia is unavailable in the Apple AppStore.

What’s why you’d get it done and jailbreaking?

So…why do I have to jailbreak my idevice so that you can install cydia? You are requesting… Apple has a strict policy regarding writer rights for the programs in the app store as well as the security of the users so in case you’ve got an iDevice using a stock/unaffected firmware you’re restricted to only the AppStore for the program source (this means no cydia). You must get root access so that you can utilize the full potential of your idevice. This means for one to get administrative rights on iPad your iPhone or iPod touch.

Regardless of what other say, this can’t be done; watch out for the ones that assert since that might be a scam. Cydia can simply be set up as a jailbreak choice, because you are really given the possibility to install Cydia mechanically by a large proportion of the jailbreak processes.

Occasionally Cydia is taking quite a while is that standard?

Frequently is the situation that new users are not aware that they need to take away tweaks and the programs they are not still using from their iOS apparatus. To clear all this problems attempt optimizing cydia.

Do you know the jailbreak groups?

You will find three types of jailbreak readily available tethered semi jailbreak – jailbreak that is tethered and jailbreak that is untethered, each of the letting you as a user degrees of freedom that are specific.

What does which is the right choice for me and each type?

Certainly the most effective type is the jailbreak that is untethered, as it enables you as a user to restart iPad your iPhone or iPod Touch when you need without restrictions and with complete access to any or all the third party programs that you’ve installed.

The semi-tethered jailbreak enables users to reboot their iOS device; before you stop up your iOS device to your own pc, complete access being accessible later, but a number of the downloaded jailbreak programs might not be readily available to be used.

The jailbreak alternative that is tethered restricts your power if isn’t connected to your own pc to reboot your iOS apparatus. To put it simply, you can just reboot your Apple device if it is linked.

What tools can I use to jailbreak iPad my iPhone or iPod Touch?

The views on this particular issue are distinct: some say that programs downloaded from Cydia are fluid, others report crashing, yet others say that there is nothing incorrect.

The first thing you must realize is you will have 5 tablatures accessible:

House: here you’ll find account info, sponsored programs, sources F.A.Q. and settings.
Sections: you’ll find here all programs arranged and broken up into groups.
Changes: the section where you are able to locate upgrades and all of the brand new applications for your tweaks that are installed. This section is upgraded each time Cydia opens.
Handle: Here it is possible to handle your applications that are installed, add and remove apps that are installed and repositories, in addition to get the whole storage of your device.
Search: If you’re looking for a specific tweak and its name is already known by you also, without being forced to go through each of the repositories you’ve installed in your Cydia program, it is possible to seek in this tablature in order to find it.
What’s a repository?

A repository as some may call it, or repo is a web-based hub where the developers’ tweaks are shared by they for setup and fast access. Some are focused on groups like games, programs, tweaks as well as ringtones.

Are you able to buy programs from Cydia?

There are a lot of that require payment to be able to bring that little extra to your own iOS apparatus while the very fact that a large part of the Cydia programs can be found for free download, remains accurate. We are aware that this seems difficult in the beginning, but trust us it is not.

While we recognize that there are lots of tweaks and programs to pick from, we’ve put together an inventory that can help you to the start of your journey:

iCydiaBlog.com apps:

ISleepWell: a tweak that uses the hardware detectors embedded in your iOS apparatus turn off all of the radios when the unit is placed down on a surface and to find the orientation of your apparatus. Essentially your apparatus is going to take Airplane mode if you’re intending to sleep or when you go right into a meeting.
ClipboardEdit: a tweak that can make a fresh section. Text in the clipboard exhibited and will probably be mechanically read. However , this tweak is not going to work with pictures. This tweak is not unavailable at the same time but for free.
AssistantExtensions: it’s a tweak that is very useful if you’re an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S user, since this tweak can boost the choices available when using Siri. It’s founded on MobileSubstrate and it enables the extensions of the tweak to increase.
It’s recommended that you constantly keep this tweak updated. If you’re not certain of the cydia repos it is possible to locate this tweak in, just make use of the Search tool we described previously.
ILettars: a useful tweak that enables one to personalize the length of the cartoons and make them as quickly or as slow as you would like, to meet your visual demands.

Status bar bug fix for jailbroken iOS 7

We have seen a lot of updates from Apple that fixes some minor and major bugs. But we could not say the same thing when it comes to jailbroken devices. Here there is no way we could see a bug fix that could remedy these kinds of problems. Today we are going to talk about a bug that every jailbroken iOS 7 device has it. I don’t know if you have realized the problem but when it comes to stock apps like Photos, Camera, Stocks, Calculator and Weather where the status bar goes black and it will not disappear or show it well.

But no worries, there is a jailbreak tweak out there that fixes this problem. This tweak is called StatusBarFix2. You can install it without any problems and if change your mind you can easily uninstall it because it doesn’t make any irreversible changes to the file system. But if you encounter any problems with this tweak like no fixing after installing it pNre suggests following these steps:

Open a stock app that has this problem, connect to your iDevice via SSH, in SSH use this command > killall -9 <the name of the open stock app>, wait for app to close the open it again. Right about now the bug should be gone.

If you want this tweak or should I say bug fix add the following repo in cydia http://repo.pnre.co.vu.