Status bar bug fix for jailbroken iOS 7

We have seen a lot of updates from Apple that fixes some minor and major bugs. But we could not say the same thing when it comes to jailbroken devices. Here there is no way we could see a bug fix that could remedy these kinds of problems. Today we are going to talk about a bug that every jailbroken iOS 7 device has it. I don’t know if you have realized the problem but when it comes to stock apps like Photos, Camera, Stocks, Calculator and Weather where the status bar goes black and it will not disappear or show it well.

But no worries, there is a jailbreak tweak out there that fixes this problem. This tweak is called StatusBarFix2. You can install it without any problems and if change your mind you can easily uninstall it because it doesn’t make any irreversible changes to the file system. But if you encounter any problems with this tweak like no fixing after installing it pNre suggests following these steps:

Open a stock app that has this problem, connect to your iDevice via SSH, in SSH use this command > killall -9 <the name of the open stock app>, wait for app to close the open it again. Right about now the bug should be gone.

If you want this tweak or should I say bug fix add the following repo in cydia